Business Overview

BBI Life Sciences Corporation’s core competitive edge is our comprehensive product and service portfolio for performing life sciences research. Life sciences research requires a vast array of products and services, which generally consist of four segments. We were one of the leading suppliers in China that provide products and services in all of these four segments, namely, (i) DNA synthesis products, comprising oligonucleotide synthesis and gene synthesis, (ii) genetic engineering services, comprising DNA sequencing, next-generation sequencing and molecular biology services, (iii) life sciences research consumables, comprising biochemical reagents, research kits and labwares; and (iv) protein and antibody related products and services.

We believe that our product and service portfolio satisfies daily laboratory requirements in life sciences research. Along with the robust research activities both in the public and private sectors, our comprehensive product and service portfolio has a wide application in life sciences research. For instance, synthesised DNA molecules offered under our DNA synthesis product category can be used in medicine to diagnose an infectious disease and in the food industry to detect biological contamination. Meanwhile, our DNA sequencing service assists the study of diseases using animal models in the detection, diagnosis, and prognosis of diseases. It also serves as a promising tool in the research of personalised medicine. In addition, we offer an extensive range of life sciences research consumables which are needed by every life sciences research laboratory to carry out research projects. Our protein and antibody related products and services can help diagnostic companies and testing laboratories to detect protein and antigens, respectively, which are critical to life sciences research. These products and services constitute critical components and materials for the life sciences research.

There is a strong correlation among various life sciences research products and services. By offering comprehensive product and service portfolio, we are able to save time and costs for our customers and hence improve customer loyalty. Furthermore, the use of automated machinery enables us to streamline production practices and processes, and significantly increase our production quality. Since we have consistently delivered high quality products and services to our customers, we have gained strong brand awareness among universities, research institutes, and pharmaceutical and biotech companies in China.

A. DNA Synthesis Products

It comprises of oligonucleotide synthesis and gene synthesis. DNA synthesis is a process by which nucleic acid molecules with specific sequences are artificially made. DNA synthesis is needed for the vast majority of life sciences research projects, from basic molecular biology research to even broader areas such as animal and plant studies, disease research, medical diagnosis, drug development, food industry and agriculture

B. Genetic Engineering Services

It comprises of DNA sequencing, next-generation sequencing, and molecular biology services. Genetic engineering services are services related to the manipulation and analysis of the genes of organisms. DNA sequencing is the process of the determination of DNA sequence, which provides the basis for the vast majority of DNA analysis. Molecular biology services include most types of molecular biology experiments such as gene cloning, genotyping, gene expression analysis, and real-time PCR. Genetic engineering services have wide applicability in agriculture, in the study of diseases using animal models, and in the detection, diagnosis, and prognosis of diseases

C. Life Sciences Research Consumables

It refers to experimental materials (biochemical reagents and research kits) and accessories or consumable parts (labwares) that are used by researchers in experiments. Life sciences research consumables are needed by life sciences research laboratories to carry out research projects

D. Protein and Antibody Related Products and Services

It comprises of protein related products and services, including polypeptide, are primarily used for protein production and analysis such as proteomics studies. Antibody related products and services are primarily used for immunology experiments