Products and Services
A. DNA Synthesis Products

We provide DNA synthesis products covering oligonucleotides and genes synthesis. DNA synthesis is a process by which nucleic acid molecules with specific sequences are artificially made. The primary difference in the end-product between oligonucleotide synthesis and gene synthesis is the length of the nucleic acid molecules synthesised. Oligonucleotides synthesis is the chemical synthesis of short single-stranded nucleic acid chains with desired sequence. Gene synthesis is a process by which long double-stranded nucleic acid chains with particular sequences are artificially made. The process usually involves the assembly of short nucleic acid molecules by a series of enzymatic reactions or via biological means.


Product name Applications
Oligonucleotide synthesis For nucleic acid amplification, detection and analysis
Gene synthesis For synthetic biology, optimized gene expression and biomedical research


B. Genetic Engineering Services

We provide comprehensive genetic engineering services covering DNA sequencing, next-generation sequencing method, and molecular biology services. DNA sequencing is a method by which nucleotide composition and sequence in nucleic acids are analysed; it is a process to “read” sequence information of DNA, RNA or other nucleic acids. Molecular biology services involve various methods of manipulation of nucleic acid molecules as requested by our customers to meet their research needs.

Service name Applications
DNA sequencing Analysis of DNA sequence
Next-Generation Sequencing Analysis of genomic sequence
Molecular biology services Applicable to various types of experiments in molecular biology research


C. Life Sciences Research Consumables

We provide experimental materials (biochemical reagents and research kits) and accessories or consumable parts (labwares) that are used by researchers in experiments. These are also referred to as life sciences research consumables. Our life sciences research consumables category covers biochemical reagents, research kits, and labwares.

Biochemical reagents:

Biochemical reagents are substances used in biochemistry and taking part in chemical reactions, especially those used to detect, measure, or prepare other substances. We carry a comprehensive line of biochemical reagents, which can be further categorised into biochemicals such as inorganics, various salts, and organic compounds, and biological reagents such as enzymes.

Product name Application
Biochemicals For various biochemistry and biological experiments
Enzyme tools For manipulation and analysis of nucleic acid and protein
Buffers Ready-to-use reagents in life sciences experiments
Media For culture and experimental studies of bacteria, plant, and cells

Research kits:

Research kits are sets of biochemical reagents with defined combinations and concentrations to serve the purpose of particular life sciences research experiments. Life sciences experiments are highly sensitive to the quality of research kits. The recipe of reagents and protocols are core factors to the success of experiments. We carry a comprehensive line of research kits, which can be further divided into various categories according to the function, such as nucleic acid purification kits, cloning kits and PCR (polymerase chain reaction) -related kits.

Product name Application
Purification kits For isolation and purification of various types of nucleic acids from biological samples
Cloning kits For nucleic acid fragment cloning and manipulation in genetic engineering
PCR-related kits For nucleic acids amplification and modification


There are stringent requirements for the design and function of labwares in biological experimental applications. Some products require special treatment such as sterilisation. We carry a series of labwares including containers and tools manufactured from different raw materials, such as pipettes and tips, centrifuge tubes, cell culture products, and PCR tubes and plates.

Product name Application
Pipettes and tips Laboratory tools to transport measured volume of liquid in experiments
Centrifuge tubes Laboratory containers used to hold samples and liquid in a centrifuge process
Cell culture products Laboratory vessels applicable to animal and plant cell culture in biological studies
PCR tubes and plates Tubes and multi-well plates for PCR reactions
Others Plastic products commonly used in laboratory


D. Protein and Antibody Related Products and Services

Our protein and antibody related products and services primarily include the production, detection and analysis of polypeptide, proteins and antibodies. Our protein related products include polypeptide, protein extraction, and analysis kits. Our protein related services include protein detection, analysis, expression and purification. We possess a mature protein expression platform, including prokaryotic expression and yeast expression systems, and downstream recombinant protein purification technology.

Our antibody related products include the production of antibodies (including polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies) and immunology-related products and antibody related kits. Our antibody services include customised antibody production and immunology experiments. We currently have production and testing platforms for polyclonal antibodies and monoclonal antibodies. We also carried over 3,500 types of antibodies. Based on our current production platform, we have developed antibody services including production of antibodies and related immunology experiments.

Service name Application
Protein services

Expression, analysis and functional study of proteins
Antibody services Applicable in immunology experiments
Monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies For protein detection and bio-pharmaceutical research and development
Protein research kits For protein assay and proteomics research
ELISA kits For antigen, antibody and protein detection