Management Team

With extensive experience in various segments of the life sciences research product and service industry, our board of directors and senior management team played important roles in the process of establishing and developing our Group.

Mr. Wang Qisong, our founder, has capitalised on his in-depth industry experience and laid a solid foundation for our Group. From 1985 to 1991, he was an associate professor at the Institute of Genetics at Fudan University. From March 1991 to August 1991, he assumed the positions as consultant at the International Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Centre of the United Nations.

Other members of our management, including our directors, vice presidents, chief financial officer, head of research and development department, and key general managers, are also highly experienced in their respective fields, with business and financial acumen. Each of them has been serving our Group for at least three years. We believe that our leadership team, with their strong management talent, will help us sustain our organic growth and expand into new product and service segments.