Year Event
2014 • Disposal of all of Sangon Biotech Engineering (Shanghai) Company Limited’s equity interest in PrimeGene to an
   Independent Third Party
2013 • Acquisition of the land use rights in Chedun Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai, to expand facilities
• Establishment of Guangzhou branch
2012 • Sangon Biotech Engineering (Shanghai) Company Limited changed from a limited company to a stock limited company
2011 • Acquisition of equity interest in Shanghai PrimeGene Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. (“PrimeGene”)
• Integration of the overseas businesses of the Group by acquiring all of the assets and businesses (i.e. all of the inventories
   and equipment) in the provision of life sciences products and services of BIO Basic Inc. (“BBI Canada”) and Bio Basic
   USA Inc. (“BBI US”)
• Acquisition of properties in Beijing, Wuhan, Canada and New York for manufacturing, warehousing and sales office
2010 • Incorporation of Bio Basic, Inc. (“Bio Basic (US)”), a wholly-owned subsidiary in the US
• Incorporation of Bio Basic Canada Inc.(“Bio Basic (Canada)”), a wholly-owned subsidiary in Canada
• Establishment of Beijing and Wuhan branches
2009 • Integration of the domestic businesses of the Group by acquiring all of the assets and business related to the production
   and operation of life sciences products and services of Shanghai Sangon Biological Engineering Technology & Services
   Co, Ltd. (上海生工生物工程技術服務有限公司, "SSBETS")
• Incorporation of BBI US (The old US entity of the Business, dissolved on 1 February 2012)
2008 • Completed construction of headquarters and manufacturing facilities at in Songjiang District, Shanghai
2005 • Commencement of research and development and production in Songjiang District, Shanghai
2004 • Incorporation of BBI Canada and commencement of sales and distribution of life sciences research products and services
   to overseas customers
2003 • Incorporation of Sangon Biotech, the Group’s operating subsidiary in the PRC
2001 • Incorporation of SSBETS and commence business at Rongbei Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai