Corporate Overview

BBI Life Sciences Corporation is one of the leading providers with the widest portfolio coverage in the life sciences research products and services industry in China. Our comprehensive product and service portfolio for life sciences research has an extensive range of applications, including (i) DNA synthesis products, (ii) genetic engineering services, (iii) life sciences research consumables; and (iv) protein and antibody related products and services. Our customers include colleges and universities, research institutes, hospitals, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, government testing and diagnostic centres, as well as distribution companies in China and overseas. Moreover, our Sangon and BBI brands have become highly recognisable in the market based on product and service quality, price competitiveness, and express delivery services. In terms of revenue in 2013, we are the largest provider of DNA synthesis products in China, and also ranked first among oligonucleotide synthesis product providers as a sub-segment of DNA synthesis products.

We are headquartered in Shanghai, China. Our distribution network covers 38 cities in the PRC and has also extended to Canada and the US. Currently, we had over 90 third-party distributors, in which our distribution network has reached 42 countries and territories in Asia, North America, South American, Europe and others.